If you are an individual or organization doing chemical or biological work, you will want to proceed carefully to protect your own safety and that of your employees. With experience in organic chemistry and biology, we have extensive knowledge of chemical and biological safety hazards. We can offer practical steps to mitigate hazardous conditions, upgrade operating procedures, and give training that could save your eyes or your life.
Butane extractions, for example, are particularly hazardous, since butane is volatile and flammable--it just takes a little spark to blow the whole thing up and change your life forever. Yet, there are simple things you can do to protect yourself, and develop procedures that are both effective and safe.

You may think that you've got a better system--your supercritical CO2 extraction setup is safe--but there are a variety of hazards that you should deal with to reduce dangers to you, staff, and equipment.

We are available for consulting
--site visits and procedure review
--training sessions

biochembio a t gmail dot com

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