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Enter your reagent, equipment, part, organism, process, or gene/protein name into the search box.  Reagents, equipment, parts, stuff for experiments !
After you click Search, narrow your search, use the underlined keywords to sift through:  antibodies, chemical, equipment, $ale. 
[Refinement tabs] below the search box, above your results, will add additional terms to narrow down your search.

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Search engine accessing thousands of supplier websites for experimental biology research.

1. Find antibodies, cells, biochemicals
2. Replace parts or fix equipment.
3. Genetics, immunology, pharmacology, biochemistry, kits, spot tests, chromatography.
4. Price check multiple vendors.

5. Home, farm, and hobby biology--gardening, kids and school projects, science fair supply. _Hobby_ refinement finds products for home delivery of microscopy, gardening, fish, butterflies, plants, mushrooms, moss, and beneficial insects. 

6.  Sales, Marketing, and business research--competitive intelligence.



Try the proteins, genes, species search 

Bio-active chemical compounds search:

-->try chemical search terms: USAN approved name, IUPAC name(s), or CAS #

-->try _underlined_ refinements above results

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